“We are so excited to get features in top web and mobile application development company in India providing outsource services to US clients. This means a lot to us. Thank you CLUTCH” It can be extremely difficult to find a service provider that is trustworthy, reliable, and experienced enough. When looking for a business partner, you don’t want to leave anything up for chance. You want the best in the industry. Here at Tenacious Techies,
The recent appointment of Sundar Pinchai as the CEO of Google in a mere span of eleven years with the company has once again thrown the limelight on Indians. They constitute the leading percentage of immigrants to occupy the top positions, especially in the field of technology and are leading top brands like Microsoft, Nokia, Adobe Systems etc. and recently Google. Ever since their first foray into Silicon Valley during the 1970s and the 1980s,
Recent time’s economic turbulence and high inflation has led to acute scarcity of decent jobs, stagnant wages and slimming job security. No income looks sufficient. This has made multiple source of income for any individual mandatory. Additionally, growing number of nuclear families have fueled the need to work from home. Today number of legitimate avenues has come up which presents terrific opportunities to earn right from the comfort of your home. This can range from
Tenacious Techies Celebrating 4th Anniversary . From the previous year it has grown tremendously  with Franchisee in 23 location across the globe.  The company will be setting new goals and targets to achieve this year especially with the new app Taskkers which the company firmly believes in .   Some of the highlights of  year 23 FranchiseeClients across 100 countries9 + Products and services15 + Apps 20000 + DownloadsFranchisee in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, London
Viral advertising is an increasingly important for organizations striving to spread their message in a digital age. Viral marketing can be described as the transfer or spreading of information about product or brand in short period of time among the mass media. And in current age which is well known as the digital age, as people are highly immune towards social media and so this could achieve very easily. In this digital era or we can say the social media