How Tenacious Techies Archive 11 Years in the world of Digital Marketing?

How Tenacious Techies Archive 11 Years in the world of Digital Marketing?

How Tenacious Techies Archive 11 Years in the world of Digital Marketing?

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Company’s Mission and Vision: What Drives Them to Continue Being Successful

Tenacious Techies is one of the most innovative companies around the world. We believe technology if used for good, can make life better for everyone. We want to utilize cutting edge technologies in mobile Application development aimed at making the world a better place.

Tenacious Techies strives to provide the best and most feasible solutions for your IT problems.

Training Institute

Having more than 10 years of experience, we offer a wide variety of options for students to undergo training, Instructor-led sessions, practical sessions, project work, vLearning, eLearning and much more.


To empower Entrepreneurs, Startups and Business Owners in establishing, mentoring and scaling with online tools and marketing strategies.


To provide Mentorship, Space, Tools, Financial Support and other aids needed to support innovative ideas to selected startups, business owners and entrepreneurs.

Tenacious Techies provides complete digital marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Since 2011 we have developed a powerful solution for various industries like Restaurants, Event Management Companies, Cinemas, E-Commerce businesses and many more.

We are a one-stop online marketing solution company providing website design, app development and digital marketing.

We are looking for entrepreneurs across the world who are interested in starting a completely risk-free online business with a proven system for your success. The investment you make is 100 % Refundable if you invest the time and effort needed to run a business.

What do we do?

Online ordering solution for restaurant owners.

Event ticketing solution for event management companies.

White label solution for anyone who is interested in promoting our products on their brand name.

Movie Ticketing Solution for Cinemas.

E-commerce website and mobile app for businesses.

SEO and Digital Marketing Solution.


There are numbers of reasons why you should join Tenacious Techies. Some of them are

100 % Risk-Free: Proven system which is guaranteed for success.

Money Back Guarantee: If you work the whole year and if you have not received your investment back then we assure you that we will return the difference of the amount.

Low Investment: You are able to start your own business within your budget.

Work on your own hours: You have the freedom to work on your own hours and have the option to quit your 9 to 5 job when you have started earning.

High Profit: You will be earning high recurring income one every client which you secure.

Ongoing Support and Training: You will get access to full ongoing support and training to help you whenever you get stuck.

Worldwide: You will be allowed to secure clients across the world without any territorial restrictions.

Quick Note: Do you want to launch your own company? Check out the benefits of our franchise partner success program.


->Birdies Chicken:

  • Custom Website Development.
  • Own a food ordering system to allow customers to place orders.
  • Own delivery drivers.
  • Able to get paid instantly.
  • ROI within 4 months from the time of implementation.
  • Search Engine Ranking in Google.

->24 Carats(sweets):

  • Custom Website Development.
  • Own food ordering system to allow customers to place orders Worldwide.
  • Able to get paid instantly.
  • Search Engine Ranking in Google.
  • Started exporting sweets world wide.
  • Own app.
  • Search Engine Ranking in Google.

->Blue Lemon Bar:

  • Growth in catering business.
  • Provided own online ordering system.
  • Custom website.
  • Own app.
  • The business mainly with the corporate sector.


  • Own food ordering system to allow customers to place orders Worldwide.
  • Able to get paid instantly.
  • Search Engine Ranking in Google.
  • Started exporting sweets worldwide.
  • Own an Android app.
  • Custom Website Development.
  • Able to expand his business while working with us (sold 4 franchisees).


  • Foodchow is an innovative food ordering system available on Android and iPhone. you can find a nearby restaurant from this food ordering application and place orders by viewing the restaurant menu.

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What sets us apart from other Digital Marketing Companies: What makes us unique

Some of our highlights:

  • 23 Franchisee
  • Clients across 100 countries
  • 9 + Products and services
  • 15 + Apps
  • 20000 + Downloads
  • Franchisee in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, London

What Products Do Tenacious Techies Provide?


Tenacious Techies is one of the leading IT companies in India. We purely believe in technology, and our sole efforts are to foster the newbies of the market. Who wants to start their own firm or IT company with proper business goals and products? So, to fulfill these demands, Tenacious Techies is expanding and emerging worldwide. And we have Franchise Located in Malaysia, U.K, Australia, South Africa, etc. Also, there are many more countries to rule in the future.

Tenacious Techies: expertise in mobile apps on all platforms such as iOS, Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows. We create mobile apps for many different categories, including games, dining, event planning, entertainment, and many more. and provide specialized services to the business, government, digital agencies, and IT sectors. Along with skilled website and software developers, we also have excellent mobile app developers. We are additionally industry leaders in web design and internet promotion (SEO).

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