Why Are Franchise Opportunities Better Than Starting New Business?

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Why Are Franchise Opportunities Better Than Starting New Business?

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Franchise opportunities are ideal for those who want the freedom to run their own business without the added risk. It essentially entails taking over the management of an existing company branch.

You’ll report to the headquarters and receive direct support. To all intents and purposes, however, you are running your own business. It’s an excellent compromise for entrepreneurs who lack capital or are unwilling to take a big risk.

There are two ways to become a business owner. The first is to come up with a business idea on your own, fund it, and build a company from the ground up. It’s difficult, expensive, and extremely dangerous.

The following list defines what a franchise opportunity is:

  • It entails a trademark, a trading method, and a licence to use the trademark, all of which must be adopted and paid for by all franchises.
  • The franchise will be sold to a third party, benefiting from the goodwill gained from developing the business over time.
  • Is currently franchising

Challenges of Franchising

At first glance, it appears that opening and operating a restaurant franchise is easier than developing your own restaurant concept. They’re well-known brands, and the majority of their marketing is handled by the corporate office. However, this does not imply that franchisees have an easier road to restaurant success. Franchising presents a distinct set of challenges.

Here are a few of the challenges of franchising:

  1. Prolonged approval procedures
    • The franchisor and franchisee work together. A successful partnership requires that the brand be a good fit for the franchisee and that the franchisee be a good fit for the brand.
    • Franchise agreements are also long-term relationships (typically 10 to 15 years). It is critical to get this right. As a result, the approval process is frequently lengthy and laborious.
  2. Higher-than-anticipated operating expenses
    • To get the business off the ground, prospective franchisees must be willing to invest a significant amount of money. Between licencing fees and start-up costs, the total can easily reach the six- or even seven-figure range.
  3. Less sway over the brand
    • Affiliation with well-known brands provides franchise owners with an advantage in terms of brand recognition and affinity. However, it can also work against you. When a number of Chipotle locations were linked to foodborne illness outbreaks in late 2015, the entire brand suffered—despite the fact that only a handful of their 2,000 locations were involved. Because of their national presence, multi-location restaurants are scrutinised by the media. A mistake made by one person at one restaurant, no matter how big or small, can have an impact on the performance of other locations.
  4. Less decision-making authority
    • Independent restaurateurs have the freedom to create their own theme, change the menu whenever they want, and work to establish a presence in their community. This is not always the case with franchisees.
    • Promotions, new menu items, LTOs, and rebranding efforts are frequently mandated from the top in franchises. This is not a bad thing—change does not happen in a vacuum. They’ve been researched, tested, and proven to increase revenue and/or profit—a win for both franchisees and franchisors.
    • It can be aggravating for business owners who do not feel in control of their operations. They are the ones who are experiencing it on a daily basis. However, this does not preclude franchise owners from having their voices heard.
  5. Distinctive regulations
    • Do you have a franchise in a major city such as New York, San Francisco, or Chicago? If so, you must follow an additional set of rules known as Fair Workweek laws, which apply to the state of Oregon. These laws apply to restaurants operating in the above-mentioned locations that have 20-56+ locations worldwide and/or a workforce of 500+ people worldwide—criteria that franchise locations almost always meet.
    • These laws significantly alter how restaurants manage and schedule employees, requiring affected restaurants, among other things, to compensate employees for last-minute shift changes, share schedules at least two weeks in advance, and/or allow input on scheduling.
  6. Excessive Employee Turnover
    • The restaurant industry as a whole has a 75% employee turnover rate. Franchises, on the other hand, have significantly higher turnover rates than the industry average, with fast food industry location turnover being double that at 150%. Panera’s turnover rate, for example, is reportedly approaching 100%, while Domino’s is recovering from a reported 107% turnover rate.
    • The constant demand for employees at these restaurants (which allows dissatisfied employees to easily find work elsewhere) and the reliance on younger and less specialized labour pools, which typically have less incentive to stay at a franchise for years on end, are two of the reasons for such high turnover.
  7. The possibility of brand dilution
    • The market saturation of the same restaurant is another common franchise issue. According to this QSR report, Chick-fil-A made more per location than McDonald’s and Starbucks combined in 2020. And with 15% fewer operating days per week!
    • There are numerous reasons for this, but the sheer number of locations is undoubtedly near the top of the list. Chick-fil-A has one store for every six McDonald’s or Starbucks, and one for every ten Subway. With fewer stores, each Chick-fil-A becomes more distinct, attracting a larger crowd to that specific location.
    • Because of your brand, you can expect strong sales if you own a restaurant franchise (specifically, a franchise fast food restaurant).
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Managing Franchise Issues

The majority of the difficulties that arise when starting and running a restaurant franchise can be resolved with a change in perspective, a new procedure, or a call to your corporate office. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance and be specific in your request to make sure that everyone benefits. Your

Using integrated tools such as restaurant scheduling software and a POS can also make it much easier to succeed. Understanding how to solve problems within your own store, such as controlling labour costs and simplifying scheduling, will give you a leg up on the daily challenges you’ll face as a retailer.

Purchasing a franchise can be a life-changing event. Do your homework before signing a franchise agreement to ensure a positive experience. Franchise systems that are properly designed and executed can be an excellent method of expansion, but franchise systems that are poorly designed or poorly managed should be avoided.

  1. A pre-existing franchise is a turnkey operation.

Many entrepreneurs have the skills to run a successful existing business but lack expertise in all aspects of starting a business, such as obtaining financing or negotiating lease terms.

Purchasing an existing franchise in a well-designed system can eliminate much of the legwork involved in selecting a territory, locating a location, negotiating a lease, and locating dependable contractors to complete a build-out.

  1. A tried-and-true system is in place.

When you purchase a franchise, you are purchasing a system – an entire business model. Franchises have a set system in place that you must follow in order to distribute the franchisor’s products or services while using the franchisor’s trade or service marks. Having a proven system in place eliminates the guesswork and errors that a typical business owner would face.

The franchisor provides franchising leadership and support to the franchisee in addition to exercising some control over franchising operations and the franchisee’s adherence to brand guidelines.

  1. Brand Awareness and Corporate Image

If you invest in a franchise system that has already been in place, people are already familiar with the corporate identity and brand. Customers are more likely to buy items they are familiar with and work with companies they already know and trust.

In the minds of consumers, a franchisor’s brand is synonymous with the company’s reputation. Great franchisors want to make sure that their customers are happy every time they shop at a franchised location, and that the franchisee follows through on the franchisor’s brand promise.

  1. Higher Chances of Success

Buying a franchise is not the same as starting a small business. There is a better chance of success because an established system is already in place. If you invest in a proven franchise opportunity and adhere to the system established by the franchisor, you should be well on your way to running a successful business.

  1. Financing is now easier to obtain.

Because franchises already have a proven track record, lenders are usually very comfortable financing the purchase of a franchise. Bankers typically consider successful franchise chains to have a lower risk of repayment default and are more likely to lend money on that basis. Furthermore, some franchise systems will offer in-house financing or leasing.

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  1. Training

Most franchise companies provide a training programme at their corporate offices, as well as additional training at the franchise location prior to the grand opening. The franchisor will train you to operate your franchise in the same manner as their other franchised locations. It will ensure that you are running your business efficiently and will aid in the elimination of any common mistakes that a new business owner is prone to making.

  1. Ongoing Assistance

When you purchase a franchise, you have the support of the franchisor as well as the knowledge that you are part of a growing system. You will always be able to call the franchisor or another franchisee and ask questions. Established franchisors typically employ field personnel as well.

  1. Marketing

System marketing is typically the responsibility of the franchisor, and these expenses are paid for by an advertising fund (sometimes called a Brand Fund). Typically, the franchisee must also spend money on regional advertising. The franchisor should provide you with an outline to follow, as well as graphics and marketing material templates. They may also recommend specific vendors to you.

  1. Exclusive Domain

When you purchase a franchise, you are usually purchasing an exclusive territory, also known as a protected territory, in which to conduct business. Franchisees are only permitted to open a certain number of franchises within a given geographical region. You will usually be assigned a specific area, and no other franchises (within your franchise system) will be permitted to open within that area.

  1. Possess Multiple Locations

Being a part of a franchise system can provide you with more opportunities for advancement within the system. You may be able to become a multi-unit franchise owner after becoming a successful single-unit franchise owner.

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Benefits of Franchising for a Business

Capital, speed of growth, motivated management, and risk reduction are the primary benefits for most companies considering franchising, but there are many others.

Leverage in Staffing

Franchising enables franchisors to operate with a much leaner organization. Because franchisees will take on many of the responsibilities that would otherwise fall to the corporate home office, franchisors can use these efforts to reduce overall staffing.

Supervision Ease

From a managerial standpoint, franchising has additional benefits. For one thing, the franchisor is not in charge of the day-to-day operations of the individual franchise units. This means that if a shift leader or crew member calls in sick in the middle of the night, they will contact your franchisee, not you.

Profitability has increased.

The above-mentioned staffing leverage and ease of supervision enable franchise organizations to operate profitably. Because franchisors rely on franchisees to handle site selection, lease negotiation, local marketing, hiring, training, accounting, payroll, and other human resources functions (to name a few), the franchisor’s organization is typically much leaner (and frequently leverages off the organization that is already in place to support company operations).

Increased Values

Faster growth, increased profitability, and increased organizational leverage all contribute to franchisors being valued at a higher multiple than other businesses. So, when the time comes to sell your company, the fact that you’re a successful franchisor with a scalable growth model may come in handy.

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Final Thoughts

Franchise opportunities allow entrepreneurs to start their own businesses without many of the risks that come with them. For many, this is an ideal arrangement because the owner’s upfront costs are specific and predetermined, and the owner benefits from the franchisor’s established business model and brand. The franchise agreement defines the legal terms used by the franchisee and franchisor, as well as their relationship.

When looking for a franchise opportunity, you want to minimize your risk. Perhaps you have a family and are looking for a stable way to pursue your entrepreneurial interests. In that case, seek out the most risk-free opportunities. This is usually provided by well-known franchises. Try franchising if you want to run a business but don’t want the sleepless nights of entrepreneurship. Choose the best opportunity and seize it!

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