Top 8 Best Franchise Business Opportunities in India

Top 8 Best Franchise Business Opportunities in India

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India is the third-biggest shopper of products and enterprises in the worldwide market. Dispatching a franchise in India is attempted and tried methodology of beginning one’s own endeavor.

Cars, beauty, fast food, education, well-being, postal delivery, style, medical services, and digital marketing are probably the most sought-after spaces for beginning a franchise. The franchise business is one of those models that brands have embraced for extension in India. There are many easy establishment openings in India one can go for.

India is a supermarket for the most productive franchise organizations. The franchise setup is quickly extending in the country. Numerous effective business people have selected the franchise model instead of cringe-worthy business thoughts.

What is Franchise Business?

The franchise business is one of the essential channels through which worldwide organizations and brands have acquired strength in the Indian market. The cycle includes a franchisor who gives the franchisee the conceptual, structural, legal, and preparation-related help in return for a forthright beginning up expense along with royalty charges.

When the franchisee gains access to the brand’s loyal customer base, creative help, lawful direction, and preparing support, the franchisor can additionally grow the business in undiscovered business sectors; subsequently, expanding the piece of the overall industry and income.

Prior to venturing into this model, it’s fundamental that investors and organizations completely research their potential colleagues prior to signing the dotted line. For investors, it is likely more secure to adhere to set up names and brands.

It is often said that the franchise model requires gigantic investment. However, you need to wipe off the dust of uncertainty here. Franchising is the most beneficial and attainable type of business opportunity; one simply has to realize how to get an establishment. You can undoubtedly begin a franchise for INR 1 lakh also.

Top Profitable Franchise Business Opportunities in India

Franchise BusinessFranchise Brand
Fast FoodSubway
SalonJaved Habib
Courier and deliveryInExpress
Pre-School EducationEuro Kids
Digital MarketingTenacious Techies

(1) Subway:-

  • Established in: 1965
  • Industry: Fast Food
  • Investment: INR 55-90 lakhs
  • Franchise units: 500+

Subway is the largest sub-sandwich chain on the planet. Subway was founded by Fred DeLucea in 1965 to help pay his schooling costs. Subway’s central goal is to offer support to its clients at reasonable costs, something that each brand aims to do these days.
 Today, Subway is one of the handfuls of standard inexpensive food joints that blossom with the advancement of a scope of quality food choices. With plates of mixed greens and interminable sandwich blends on an assortment of bread like entire wheat, multigrain, and without gluten variations, Subway has made a reliable client base simultaneously.

(2) Jawed Habib Salon and Beauty:-

  • Established in: 2000
  • Industry: Salon
  • Investment: INR 25-30 lakhs
  • Franchise units: approx 850

Jawed Habib’ is a hair grooming and well-being brand established by Jawed Habib. Jawed comes from a family of hairstylists. His grandfather was the hairstylist of popular dignitaries like Lord Mountbatten and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Following the legacy, Jawed’s dad was selected as the authority hair specialist of Rashtrapati Bhawan.
However, Jawed Habib had various plans and needed to build up his image all around the globe. Jawed changed the picture of a normal stylist into that of a marvellous beautician.

(3) InEpress:-

  • Established in: 2011
  • Industry: Courier and delivery
  • Investment: Approx INR 5 Lakhs
  • Franchise units: 20-30

InXpress has a partnership with elite transporters that deal with pick-ups and deliveries. InXpress decides the correct transporter and administration alternative for clients’ necessities at affordable costs.

Digital Marketing Franchise

(4) FabIndia:-

  • Established in: 1960
  • Industry: Retail (Fashion)
  • Investment: INR 40-50 lakhs
  • Franchise units: 170+

FabIndia was established by John Bissell in 1960 and has gained popularity in no time. It is adorned by people of all age groups. FabIndia has crossed the INR 1,000 crore deals imprint to become the biggest retail clothing brand in India. The brand remains consistent with its unique quality of embracing and propagating Indian culture through clothing and accessories.

(5) Lenskart:-

  • Established in: 2010
  • Industry:  Eyewear
  • Investment: INR 30-35 Lakhs
  • Franchise units: 300+

Lenskart is one of the quickest-developing eyewear brands in India. It works both online and offline. Lenskart was established by Peyush Bansal, Amit Chaudhary, and Sumeet Kapahi as an online portal for contact focal points in 2010.
In 2011, eyeglasses and shades were additionally added to the reach. The brand didn’t stop there and wandered into dispatching offline stores to extend its retail impression.

(6) Euro Kids:-

  • Established in: 2001
  • Industry: Pre School Education
  • Investment: INR 15-20 lakhs
  • Franchise units: 1000+

EuroKids is quite possibly the most prominent preschool chain in India. It was established by Prajodh Rajan and Vikas Phadnis in 2001, and it was their ‘kid first’ philosophy that helped it to achieve success. EuroKids has made considerable progress from being a distributing organization to an undeniable playschool chain that guardians across the country have given their trust in.
With more than 1000 preschool focuses in 350 urban areas across India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, the brand has gained notoriety for itself as an ideal spot for supporting youthful personalities. It tries to completely use this development by putting INR 500 crores in setting up almost 2,000 additional schools in a lot more urban areas.

(7) Amul:-

  • Established in: 1946
  • Industry: Dairy
  • Investment: INR 3-4 Lakh
  • Franchise units: 6000+

Amul is an Indian dairy cooperative, based in Anand, Gujarat. Presently, it is one of the biggest dairy brands in India. Amul offers establishment openings in India to turn into an APO (Amul Preferred Outlet). With a little speculation, you can open a bistro in the brand name of Amul. Presently, Amul has in excess of 6000 Franchisees in India wanting to extend further in the approaching years.

(8) Tenacious Techies:-

  • Established in: 2011
  • Industry: Digital Marketing
  • Investment: Approx INR 5 – 10 Lakhs
  • Franchises in: 10+ countries

Tenacious Techies offers proficient web architecture and development with facilitating services. Tenacious Techies offers quality assistance and trustworthy help to clients. It also provides SEO courses to all the people who want to enhance their skills.

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