How Tenacious Techies Partner Program is Emerging Worldwide

How Tenacious Techies Partner Program is Emerging Worldwide

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Tenacious Techies, one of the leading IT companies in India. Purely believes in Technology and our sole efforts are to Foster the Newbies of the Market. Who wants to start their own Firm or own IT Company with proper Business Goals and Products. So, To fulfill these demands, Tenacious Techies is Expanding and Emerging Worldwide. And for now, we have our Franchise Located in Malaysia, U.K, Australia, South Africa. Also, upcoming many more Countries to Rule on.

Moreover, Mr. Patrick from the U.K is an Experienced Technology Enthusiast. Who was so curious to start his own IT Company or to start with a Franchise of an Emerging IT Company. So, he started searching for such opportunities in his country. And in all the other possible ways where he could find his relevant program to work with.

Hence, inquiring for such Business Opportunities all over different countries and their respective cities. He came across The Partner Opportunity Program of our IT Firm- Tenacious Techies. Which is located in Surat, India. Thus, he enrolled in our Partner Opportunity Program where he started working as Franchise Partner & Owner for Tenacious Techies in the U.K and is ruling the U.K with our Products by indulging his management skills and IT Experience. Tenacious Techies which have been focused on Mobile and Web Technologies for the last 5 years, always boost up when it comes to Technology and so is always updated with all the market Demands and Trends which helped us achieve success.

What Products do Tenacious Techies Provide?

  • Foodchow – Online food ordering system for restaurant owners.
  • BuzzMyEvent – Event Ticketing system for selling tickets.
  • MBS – Movie and box office ticketing solution for Cinemas.
  • Tenacious Sales – Small Business CRM, Lead Management and Email Marketing solution for Businesses
  • Surat Textiles – A Complete white label E-commerce solution for Businesses
  • Taskers  – A B2B Marketplace portal with website and app for services

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