Tenacious Techies is Empowering Women with Business Opportunities

Tenacious Techies is Empowering Women with Business Opportunities

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Empowering Women is amongst the top priorities for Tenacious Techies, despite being prevalent in society, concurrently. It’s about setting the females free from all the dungeons of social, economic, gender, political, personal, and professional inequalities, in the very same castle that they breathe in each day. It involves everything around them, transforming them into tremendously powerful elements of society. Tenacious Techies has proved itself as a master, successfully.

Tenacious Techies is a specialist in the flourishing Mobile Application, Website Development, and Digital Marketing industry. It also takes care of Website Maintenance activities, effectively. Our mission is to help Individuals, Businesses around in climbing-up the success ladder. We can, not only, create your Online Presence but also maintain it lifelong, for your prosperity.

We are proud to be on an implementation track, similar to the one initiated by our honorable Prime Minister for empowering women & our nation digitally. Tenacious Techies does exactly the same, for all the esteemed clients globally.

What’s new:

We, at Tenacious Techies, are adept at recognizing your requirements and fulfilling them successfully through our vast knowledge base. So, pick up the phone and ask “How can we help you?” You simply need to share your requirements or problems with us that you want to eradicate from your life and we will help you drive your business online. And the good news is that – you do not need any technical background to join us. We take care of all the technical work involved while you can earn from where you are. You can be a work-from-home IT Professional, and also enjoy being a woman, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a mother, and a house-wife. This is the power that you get after joining Tenacious Techies

Although we are based in Surat, Gujarat, India; but don’t you worry ladies! There is no pressing need to go to Surat all the way, if you cannot due to your boundaries or if you do not reside in India.  You can beautifully manage everything, right from your home, from any part of the world. Our products and services are, completely digital. We have developed specialized solutions for Restaurants, CinemasEvents, Schools, Colleges, and many other areas. And are experts in Mobile Apps, Web Development, Software Development, Cloud-based Software Development, Branding, Business Coaching, and Consulting. Also, we can competently develop customized solutions for your particular requirement as well. 


Tenacious Techies empowers you with these features and benefits: – You do not need a separate office. You can work from your home as per your hours and there is no physical stock/inventory to maintain. You can work at local, national, and global levels, as your clients can be located anywhere. We provide you with ongoing support and training, with the most advanced technology. As far as earnings are concerned, the sky is NOT the limit!

We have developed rapidly expanding Mobile Products and Solutions for most of the business arenas around you. As a part of the Tenacious Techies family, all you need to do is look around and reach out to people facing issues with their physical business models, just like I did. You can begin with restaurant owners, cinema owners, event management professionals or companies, or individual shop owners


One of our specialized products- FOODCHOW, invites all the restaurant owners to get their own Online Food Ordering System. This empowers restaurants with their own digital menu, through the website and mobile application, accept online orders and get paid electronically. It offers other benefits also, thus, enabling restaurant owners to run their business smoothly. Similarly, we have digital solutions for cinema owners, event managers, real estate people, and many others too. However, the key is to bring businesses online, from offline.

To sum it all, you only need a working laptop/desktop with stable internet and mobile connection, and you already have the skills, both personal and professional, if you are reading this RIGHT NOW. 

On that account, here’s calling out loud to empowering women & all the women who are TENACIOUS to get empowered! I am Tenacious. Are you?

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