20 Work from home Digital Job and Business Opportunities in 2022

20 Work from home Digital Job and Business Opportunities in 2022

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With the major outbreak of COVID 19, a lot of businesses shut down and a number of people lost their jobs. But this outbreak also gave rise to work from home opportunities for people and digital job creation.

It’s no longer necessary for you to be in an office full time to be a productive part of the team, thanks to ever-evolving technology like Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, and Google Hangouts, not to mention texting and email. Many types of work, in fact, may be done just as efficiently, if not more effectively, from a home office. 

Here we have come up with one such list for you, wherein with the right skill set and experience, you can work and earn from home.

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1. Web Developer:

For many people, remote web development jobs provide complete independence; all you need is a laptop and an internet connection to get started. You can work from any place, including your house, a nearby coffee shop, or your favorite vacation site. Basics of coding and some website designing can get you a good dream job. We at Tenacious Techies provide training for people who want to get into web development through WordPress, you might want to Enroll in our Course.  

2. Social Media Specialist:

A number of businesses hire freelance social media specialists to build their presence on social media. This includes handling various social media platforms, right from ideating, strategizing and creating the content to understanding the audience response and analytics. If you want to work from home as a social media specialist, you may also consider starting your own social media marketing agency.

3. Content Writer: 

As a Content writer be a freelancer or be attached to some agency, you can work from home on various genres and generate relevant content for your firm. You can find freelance work on websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and many more just to name a few. Beginners can expect to earn between Rs. 8,000 and Rs. 10,000 per month. While experienced content writers can earn between Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 25,000 per month.

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4. Graphic designer:

Graphic designers use computer software or manually to create visual designs that inspire, inform, and captivate customers. As a graphic designer, you will create the overall design and layout for applications such as advertisements, brochures, publications, and reports. Since the majority of the work, apart from the client communication has to be done over desktop software, the work can be a good-paying job, working from home.

5. Software developer:

Software developers create diagrams to assist programmers in writing computer code. As a Software developer, you will construct computer applications that allow users to perform certain tasks, as well as the underlying systems that power devices or operate networks. As most of the work is expected to be done over the computer and with a stable internet connection, a software development job is mostly available on a work from home basis. It also present a great opportunity to earn decent wages. 

6. Website tester:

The essential requirements for a website tester role include familiarity with content inventory, testing experience, and Java. Most organizations do not require education for website testers, however, a degree in computer science can help you gain permanent employment, working from home.

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7. SEO Executive:

The SEO executive is in charge of optimizing client websites in order to enhance web traffic. They concentrate on keyword research, avoiding content repetition, and link building. If you want to learn SEO, we provide training courses both online and offline in Surat. This course can help you in starting a career in the SEO industry.

8. PPC Expert:

PPC specialists are internet advertising professionals who plan and optimize the efficacy of online advertising campaigns. Pay-per-click (PPC) refers to paid online advertising, most commonly through Google AdWords or Bing Ads. PPC comes under Search Engine Marketing domain and provides an excellent opportunity to a marketing enthusiast to kick start their career.

9. Blogging:

Blogging is the self-publication of writing, photography, and other material on the internet. Blogging began as a way for individuals to post diary-style entries, but it has since been integrated into many businesses’ websites. You can work as a freelance blogger or be associated as a blogger with some publication house or corporates. You can select your genre and the form in which you post your blogs as. 

10. Video production:

Video production is the full process of making a video. Whether it’s a short film, a feature film, a company marketing video, a television commercial, a music video, or another genre of film, the procedure is essentially the same. A video camera is a basic need and your creative vision can do you wonders in this field. 

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11. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics allows you to track your social networking sites and applications as well as to measure your advertising ROI. With the extensive increase in digitization of businesses, the need for skills to understand and interpret google analytics has been rising. 

12. Facebook Ads Specialist:

Facebook Ads specialists are in charge of creating and monitoring marketing campaigns on the Facebook Advertising network. This job comes under a niche part of social media marketing where you can use your honed Facebook skills and reach out to a wider audience through your network. You can work for a single company or for a digital marketing agency with several clients or as a freelancer. 

13. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message via email to a group of people. It entails sending advertisements, soliciting business, or soliciting purchases or donations by email. You can work in this field as a freelancing worker, alongside blogging as well as influencing. Email marketing in this digital age is a need for all businesses and naturally provides a lot of work opportunities to those who can draft a catchy mail.

14. Digital Training:

With the pandemic, training has moved online and mentoring new aspirants has become a market niche. With this, it is the best time to develop a course around whatever you have an expertise in and share it with the world, along with providing one on one training calls specific to your domain. You can post your courses on various websites like Coursera, Udemy and many more.

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15. Flutter Developer:

Google’s UI toolkit,  Flutter, is for creating beautiful, natively built applications from a single codebase across mobile, web, desktop, and embedded platforms. It is used to create cross-platform applications from a single codebase for iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web. You can start learning flutter online and use the expertise to upskill your resume and discover a number of new job opportunities. 

16. React Developer:

React developer uses React.js to design and create user-facing features for websites and applications. Front-end developers are a subset of developers who handle all that users view in their web browsers or applications. As a React developer, you can find many opportunities on the web development side with decent wages while working from home.

17. Motion Graphics:

Motion graphics are graphics that move. They are animation or digital video that creates the illusion of motion or rotation and are typically paired with the soundtrack for usage in multimedia projects. They are frequently referred to as Motion Design, which helps to clarify the relationship between movement and design aspects.

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18. Online Course Creator:

A content creator is someone who develops amusing or instructional content for distribution via any medium or channel. Content creation is extremely important for digital material because that is where the majority of content is consumed. A content creator can either be associated with a brand or work as an established brand in itself.

19. Instagram Influencer:

The latest trend among Gen Z is to be an influencer. With the Instagram Influencer industry booming full-fledged, the industry still has not reached saturation, and there is a place for you if you can bring in something unique to you in your niche. With a huge income potential and comparatively lesser investment, Influencing is one of the most rapidly expanding industries.

20. Consultant in Marketing:

After learning the skills of different departments, or a few months of experience in digital marketing or branding, you can assist businesses in developing coordinated strategies that include SEO, email marketing, social media, and other tools. Most employment pays anywhere from $14 to $102 per hour, based on your experience and track record as a marketer.


Covid-19  has given rise to a lot of work being shifted digital. The IT industry has especially found itself to be the cornerstone of this evolution. It is 2022, and now is the time for you to ditch the conventional way of stepping out of the house and looking for a job. Instead, start an online job now and be a part of the change. 

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