SEO Statistics You Should Know In 2022

SEO Statistics You Should Know In 2022

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Any local company that wishes to expand online must look for local SEO services. It is the same as standard SEO in that it entails the technique of optimizing any website to increase its search visibility. The sole distinction between local and conventional SEO is that the latter focuses on local clients and local searches.

Additionally, SEO is a crucial component of any marketing strategy. It can produce local organic traffic and high-converting leads if done correctly. However, some eye-catching local SEO data from 2022 might help you comprehend the significance of any thorough local effort.

  • Google presently controls 85.55% of the market for search engines.
  • About 32% of all clicks go to the top Google search result.
  • The second page of Google results only receives 0.78% of all clicks, yet accounts for 58% of all queries.
  • Ranking on the first page of Google search results is thought to produce a CTR of approximately 35%, with the ROI of SEO being up to 12 times greater than that of marketing.

General SEO Statistics

 For a very long time, Google dominated the search engine market. Only 14.45% of the search engine market is split between competing search engines this year.

Therefore, you should continue to prioritize optimizing for Google over all other search engines.

There is no one strategy to achieve high Google rankings. Numerous other elements affect your rankings.

Among the most significant ones are:

  • the number of relevant backlinks pointing to your website
  • Mobile optimization of high-quality content
  • The internal link structure of the website
  • Among many others, meta and title tags

Social networking is a useful tool for spreading the word about your brand and promoting your goods.

However, compared to organic search, it is not even close to as successful in bringing actual visitors to your website.

Although SEO requires a lot of time and resources, the payoff—essentially free website traffic—makes it well worth the effort.

Nearly half of the marketers claim that SEO has provided them with a higher return on investment than any other channel, including conventional marketing and Google advertisements.

In addition to being more effective at driving traffic than PPC and marketing, SEO may produce an incredibly high return on investment, making it the preferred strategy for most organizations in 2022.

If you want to increase traffic, concentrating on search engine optimization can offer you 20 times more prospects than PPC, according to Moz’s analysis of searcher behavior.

This holds true for both desktop and mobile searches, and one explanation for this phenomenon is that consumers are averse to clicking on any links that have a large “AD” tag next to them by nature.

Before making a purchase, 81% of consumers go online to research their options (Source: Oberlo)

Getting clients to buy your goods or services is what you want to accomplish as a business, right? Given that more than 80% of consumers begin their shopping journeys online, your digital marketers will have no choice but to prioritize search engine optimization.

Consider Google, for example. HubSpot claims that Google processes approximately 63,000 searches every second, despite the search engine not publishing data on search volume!

That amounts to a staggering 2 trillion Google searches annually and around 5.6 billion queries every day! This should persuade you if you needed any, that content optimization is the way to go.

Before attempting to make a purchase, 47% of customers look at 3-5 pieces of your content (Source: HubSpot)

Customers of today are informed and skeptical; rather than believing what a business claims about itself, they verify these assertions.

Because of this, almost half of all clients research your company and products online before making a purchase. Therefore, if you don’t create any content, you run the risk of losing some of your clients before they even have an opportunity to test your goods or services.

In order to present your business to potential costumes and share favorable evaluations of existing ones, you must prioritize content production and content marketing.

In 2022, video search will make up 82% of all online traffic (Source: Cisco)

Publish videos on your blogs- We advise integrating the videos into the content of the article rather than just adding a link to them in your blogs. It’s a great strategy to lower your bounce rate and encourage readers to read more.

Voice Searches Make Up 20% of All Searches (Source: TechJury)

More than just a fad, voice search is here to stay. The majority of people are increasingly using voice search to conduct mobile searches as a result of the emergence of AI-powered assistants like Cortana, Siri, and Alexa.

The increased use of smart speakers and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as Google Home, Apple HomePod, and Amazon Echo, is another reason driving the growth of voice search. By the end of 2022, 55% of households are predicted to be using smart speakers. Furthermore, by 2025, that percentage is expected to soar to an astounding 75%!

But why are voice searches so popular with internet users? First of all, voice search is quick and useful.

Last but not least, voice search is also growing in popularity. Many people love the responses given by AI assistants like Siri or Alexa, and there are innumerable videos on YouTube of individuals trying to make amusing mistakes with these assistants.

Voice search is not perfect, but it is improving as AI assistants become smarter and more useful. Google Assistant, for instance, can now understand more than 100 different languages.

40% of users only use smartphones for searching (Referral: Google)

This data demonstrates how our world is progressively moving toward being mobile-first. In fact, mobile-optimized websites are rewarded by search engines with higher rankings on the search results page.

For instance, Google now has a mobile-first index that places websites on Google’s first page based on how well-suited they are for mobile devices, even if the search is conducted on a desktop.

Optimized Visual Search Results in a 30%+ Profit Increase (Gartner- source)

Over the past few years, graphic Google searches have become increasingly popular. If you optimize your site for visual search, you can boost your profitability by more than 30%, according to Gartner data.

But what is visual search in reality? Simply said, it occurs when someone looks up information using photos. In many cases, visual search is superior to text-based search when

  • You’re not really sure what you’re looking for.
  • Your search terms are lengthy and intricate.
  • You wish to adhere to a particular look.

Google makes algorithm updates 500–600 times per year (Source: Search Engine Land)

Google is the biggest and most used search engine in the world, as we’ve already mentioned. Your first priority should be to be on the first page of Google, preferably in the first three search results.

But accomplishing it isn’t simple. This is due to the fact that Google adjusts the algorithms it employs to rank websites on a daily basis, which can result in over 600 revisions annually. While most of these adjustments have little impact on your results, a few of them have the potential to make or break your SEO strategy, so you should always keep a watch on them.

Organic Searches, according to 49% of Marketers, Have the Highest ROI (Search Engine Journal)

Inbound marketing and organic traffic, according to over half of all marketers, produce superior results to paid and social media searches.

Additionally, organic SEO strategies are significantly more economical than bought ones. You can’t keep buying advertising indefinitely, and PPC campaigns can cost thousands of dollars.

Getting organic traffic, on the other hand, doesn’t need as much money and is a long-term, sustainable strategy. It is evident that search is moving beyond simple text-based searches in general. Therefore, you should give other search techniques like voice, image, and video priority for 2022 and the years to come.

To uncover the holes in your content strategy, conducting a website audit is ultimately your best option. Don’t forget to constantly monitor trends and algorithm changes and adjust your strategies as necessary. If SEO isn’t your area of expertise, you may always get assistance from a specialist.

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