Introduction to ANDROID 12

Introduction to ANDROID 12

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Android 12 will be the 19th version of Android. It is the mobile operating system led by Google. And the first preview of Android 12 was released in February 2021.

Android 12
Android 12

Moreover, the Vice President of engineering of Android; released many new features. And we got to know the things, which can also be seen in some rare devices of certain companies like Pixel, Samsung, etc.

Hence, in these, they are attempting to give new devices for building amazing encounters for clients.

Thus, beginning with things like viable media transcoding, which encourages the applications to work with the most recent video designs in the event that we don’t. And simpler copy-paste of rich substance into applications, similar to pictures and recordings.

They are adding more security and advanced executions to keep applications responsive. 

Therefore, the present first review is the perfect beginning for these. And they will have parcels more to share as we travel through the delivery. 

So, let us take a look at the new changes and modifications that android 12 has brought:

Better client experience apparatuses:

Modification in Android
Modification in Android 12
  • Vivid mode API improvements for motion nav.
  • Noticeable UI refreshes.
  • Quicker, more responsive notifications.
  • AVIF picture.
  • Front-end administration improvements. 
  • Rich substance addition.
  • Sound impact.
  • Media transcoding.

Application friendly:

Modification in Android
Modification in Android 12
  • Enhancing for tablets, laptops, and TVs. 
  • Refreshed arrangements of non-SDK interfaces.
  • A greater amount of Android refreshed through Google Play.
  • Simpler testing and troubleshooting of changes. 
  • Stage soundness achievement.

And many more.

Credibility and well-being:

  • More secure sending out of parts. 
  • More secure treatment of Intents.
  • Current SameSite treat practices in WebView. 
  • Limited Netlink MAC.


Hence, these were the Changes and Updates that android have brought. Hence, the latest technology for App development, in today’s world.

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