How to start a career as a WordPress developer in 2022

How to start a career as a WordPress developer in 2022

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WordPress Developement

WordPress is a leading content management system that allows you to create and manage websites with little to no technical knowledge.

Little to no technical knowledge? Yes, you heard that right!

So you must be wondering how can I become a WordPress developer?

Well, there are many routes into WordPress development and no one path can be called “the best way” but there are some common steps as a beginner you would want to follow.

So if you want to learn WordPress then I am going to introduce you to four magical steps that will help you in becoming a WordPress Developer in this blog.

What does a WordPress Developer do?

WordPress developers know and work with programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, GIT, etc. Apart from programming languages, they create custom plugins and themes for WordPress. Being a WordPress developer you would work with the WordPress core to make sure plugins and themes will work together.

Let’s see the four steps that can help you become a WordProcess Developer.


Step 1: Have basic knowledge of the languages

Yes, you need to have some basic programming knowledge. Don’t be intimidated! I promise you just need basic knowledge when it comes to programming. There are a bunch of languages like PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript which you should be familiar with.

But fear not you should be through with only one of the languages. Others you should have a working capacity knowledge on how they roll. This is to ensure that you can understand what a code is implying.

Step 2: Choose your area of expertise

There are mainly three areas where most of the developers focus. They are namely Themes, Plugins and Core. These areas will help you discover where you want to take your career in the future. Initially, I advise you to experiment in all three areas and then decide what tickles your pickle.

  • Themes are a big part of WordPress. They are the visual appearance of your site. You can customize your theme by changing colors, fonts, spacing and other features. Creating themes comes with its own struggles as it requires skills in both design and programming. However, if you want to become a WordPress developer then learning how to create themes is essential. Themes determine how content is displayed and how menus appear. It can also include custom coding, buttons, widgets, sliders and more. They can be applied to any WordPress site and integrated with plugins, including the WooCommerce platform.
  • Plugin goes a long way towards making WordPress what it is, but as with any software, the more you learn how to customize and refine them, the closer your site will be to your vision. How do I learn WordPress themes? The good news is that there are many beginner-friendly tutorials available online just waiting for you. This can be overwhelming though.

Once you’ve learned plugin or theme development, you should use what you’ve learned by testing and troubleshooting to find the most success. Working on live websites can have bad results, so it’s best to test in a more controlled environment to avoid creating new problems. This can be done by experimenting on dummy sites or in a controlled environment.

Let’s see three things you as a WordPress developer can do.


  • Creating your own Themes and Plugins:

As a beginner, being an excited developer, you would love to create your own Themes and Plugins from scratch, don’t you? But as the time passes by, you may feel it to be a little difficult. But don’t worry it will be fun in testing your creativity. For themes and ideas, you can start with WordPress Forums. This will help you in understanding what your fellow developers are doing. Whereas WordPress Codex can help you create new Plugins.

  • Altering existing Themes and Plugins:

If you feel like creating from scratch is a bit too ambitious a step for now? Well, here in WordPress we get various existing themes and plugins. You can experiment with the existing templates and this will help you get familiar with the directory. Through the directory, you can choose a design that you think will suit your business. A template design can breathe life into your vision of the website as per your customization. These existing templates are the reason why you wouldn’t need to know too many hassles of the coding.

  • Getting into Core:

After a lot of practice now let’s say you feel like you want to give something back to this wonderful community! Then getting into Core is the right place for you. You can debug various programs that are occurring for the first time on the website. This will get you familiar with various concepts and will challenge your ambition on every pathway.


Step 3: Connect with the Community:

Yes, we got a community of WordPress developers that can collaborate with you on the issues. You can put up your doubts and problems on the forums and can get aid from top developers across the platform. Connections will always help you in achieving what you want.

Step 4: Practice

Practice as hard as you can. Try experimenting for fun and relate it to your daily life to make it more exciting. Do not get discouraged if you face any problems or bugs because here you will face challenges at every step of your way. Instead, look out for out-of-the-box thinking and remember the Forum? Yea you can get their aid too!

WordPress Developement


WordPress development being a dynamic field always changes and evolves with the latest trends. A skilled WordPress developer will understand how to create experiences that stay ahead of change. With these four simple steps, you can become a successful WordPress Developer.

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